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Motor Vehicle Information Center

General Information/Services
Personalized Registration Plate Availability
Renew Your Vehicle/Trailer Registration
Change Your Address on Your Vehicle/Trailer Registration
Change Your Name on Your Vehicle/Trailer Registration
Obtaining Duplicate Motor Vehicle Products
Vehicle Fraud Information
New Resident/Relocating Information
Motor Vehicle Forms, Publications and FAQs
Find a PennDOT Location Near You
Vehicle Titling and Registration Information
National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS)
Buying a Vehicle in Pennsylvania
Selling a Vehicle in Pennsylvania
Electronic Lien and Title Program
Pennsylvania Clean Vehicles Program
Modified Vehicle Titling and Registration
Reconstructed Vehicle Titling and Registration
Specially Constructed Vehicle Titling and Registration
Collectible Vehicle Titling and Registration
Antique and Classic Vehicle Titling and Registration
Street Rod Vehicle Titling and Registration
Retired Status Registration
Apportioned Registration
Fleet Registration
Seasonal Registration
ATV/Boat/Snowmobile Registration
Motor Scooters
Personal Mobility Devices
Donating a Vehicle to Charity
Donating a Vehicle as a Gift
Vehicle Inspection Information
Safety Inspection Program
Emissions Inspection Program
Enhanced Vehicle Safety Inspection Program
Specially Constructed/Reconstructed/Modified Vehicle Inspections
Drive Clean PA
Maintaining Your Vehicle Beyond Inspections
School and Instructors Program
Vehicle Insurance Information
Vehicle Insurance Overview
Acceptable Proofs of Insurance
Vehicle Insurance Law Compliancy
Penalties for Canceling Vehicle Insurance
Types of Insurance Letters from PennDOT
Self Insurance on a Vehicle
Suspensions Due to Unpaid Parking Tickets
Registration Plate Information
Pennsylvania’s Standard Issue Registration Plate
Illegible Registration Plate Replacement Information
Military Plates
Personalized (Vanity) Plates Fact Sheet
Person with Disabilities Parking Placards and Registration Plates
Special Fund Plates
Special Organization Plate Program
Specialty Plates
Surrender a Registration Plate (MV-141)
Vintage Registration Plates
Returning Pennsylvania Registration Plates
Vertical Motorcycle Registration Plates
Farm Vehicles and Equipment
Farm Vehicles
Implements of Husbandry
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